Diary of 21 years..!!

Today at the thadi (tea stall) of our University, I met a lost girl, very much enjoying her young age as we all do.. The only difference being she has been hurt and broken many a times but she SMILES.
LOVE” ♥ was the reply she gave to my question – “What Keeps You Going?”  alone-girl-glasses-love-photography

She was a surprise package and I couldn’t help but realize love is actually not only a word or feeling but a reason to live and there are people who believe in it, still.. After trying for almost an hour, successfully convinced her to tell me her life story.

“Well, I am just a lil’ girl in this big world who have some ambitions and a reason to smile even when everything is breaking her apart”, she said. Stunned with the reply, I asked her to narrate the picture of her life.

“You know I am 21 years old but there are so many things in my life I hate” is all that she could say…. “Yup, I was a bubbly little girl who would laugh on every thing, make jokes but at the same time was bold enough to tackle the hardships of life, till the time I feel in love..” Breaking into tears she said.
Out of curiosity I said “You’d such an amazing fun life, what went wrong?” and that is when I broke down too. 😦

“I feel in love with this guy during my school days and with a great courage told him about my feeling for him and he couldn’t do much but smile… 🙂 He agreed to be friends with me but for me it was nothing less than a battle.. I couldn’t stand him being ONLY friend to me because all those feelings always empowered me, therefore we had lots of fights and finally I’ve to say him “LETS NOT TALK TO EACH OTHER”, as this was the only way to secure my happiness. :\ With the passing of time, crushed all my feelings for him and there was a new entry in my life. Even though this person was a very good friend of mine, this was a new entry because I’d started liking his care and affection for me which was missing in my life and don’t know why I confessed this to him..”

“Life was smooth, he would care for me and make me smile all the time till one day when someone told me he was not worth and Bam! Another heartbreak. ;(  Hence, decided I’ll never fall in love with anyone and that’s when my besties helped me in bringing the old me out.. I was again a bold girl who had a new vision for life, would laugh her ass off on everything and most importantly I abused a lot. *Giggles* ” She looked so adorable with that face. 🙂

“This time life was nothing but a roller-coaster ride with the memories of past haunting me every other day.. Again! Yup, AGAIN I’d felt for an amazing charmer who took my breath away on the first sight only to realize he was another reason for yet another heart break.” 😦

I couldn’t figure out what was this girl made up of? Been hurt so many times but still she believes in love.. HOW? :O
This is when she continued – “You must be thinking how I still believe in love? Well even I don’t know why and how this love word still exists in my dictionary.. All is know is I STILL BELIEVE IN LOVE 🙂 for it was not love who ditched me, it was the person who couldn’t understand me.” Ain’t that true? Love never left her, only the person did! 😦


Her friends have always said – “Your prince will come soon. You  may not realize it, but he’ll make you the most happiest person alive. He’ll care for you like no one have ever did and will never let you cry.” And she could only laugh at that saying “My Prince Charming just got hit by a truck and is in coma..” 😛 😀

But guess what? May be her Prince has finally arrived. Yup! She got first RED ROSE of her life on this Rose day and this guy accepted his feelings for her today. He have been awestruck with her simplicity since the day they’d combine lectures.  Stupidly smiling at the guy, she just couldn’t absorb the shock that someone can like her and hence was all lost.

May be she have a right too.. You never know if this is another great beginning to yet another BIG heartbreak… :S Well I would secretly hope this guy proves out to be her Prince Charming.

Sitting there silently, listening to her story, I wiped a tear from my cheeks, smiled at her and left. She’s such a beautiful soul. 🙂 ❤


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